Welcome to Casey Lee Photography NZ!

Casey Lee Photography is a business that includes both commercial freelance and exhibition gallery work.

I am a twenty two year old who has just recently finished a Degree in Photography, graduating with a Bachelor of Design (Hons).

Capturing memories and moments has always been an aspect that has been important to me in both my personal and public life. Photography creates a way for people to remember and relive experiences, giving me the ability to give people pieces of recollections that they will be able to cherish in the future. Through working as a freelance photographer I have had experience with taking images of families, weddings and personal events. All of which were a joy to be a part of.

Photography also allows me to be creative. This is why I particularly enjoy working in fashion and beauty, whether that be onsite or catalogue pieces. Being able to bring to life another’s idea or creation through photography is always fun and thrilling, especially when you are able to present the client with images that will forever be shown as representation of their brand.

Please have a look around and feel free to let me know what you think!

You can get in touch with me through my contact page.

Happy browsing!


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